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Audio Log #003 [My New Friend] v.1.0

Tone: Excited / Intrigued
Gender: Female
Approximate Age: 13
Name: Josaline Hammond

Earlier today after school let out, I walked home with my new friend Katie I met in Science class. She told me about how her father was some important man back on Terra but all I could focus on was how pretty her shoes and dress were. She has NO idea how lucky she is her family’s rich. Right as we were leaving, she paused to ask if we could stop by the girl’s locker room and grab her books she left behind. I told her as long as we can study together, sure! (Sigh) I really hope she likes me…



Miss Me?

Oh yeah, almost forgot…


Welcome To The Wasteland Kiddies…

I’d love a little bit of tips on putting shadows to your maps. So you use a layer with soft light to do the effect?

I’m currently using Photoshop for object shadows (lamps, fridges, stoves, counters ect). As for the room and floor? I just use the burn tool honestly. I understand this isn’t the most orthodox way to accomplish it but I like the way it looks :)

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